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Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems: The Sustainable Flooring Option

Want an affordable alternative to expensive custom flooring treatments? How about a finishing option that not only looks gorgeous, but is durable, energy efficient and low-maintenance? If that’s what you are looking for, then you’ve found it—Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems.

Fast becoming the “must have” finishing solution, polished concrete has found an enthusiastic audience of contractors and specifiers who are increasingly including such floors into the building plans of countless restaurants, schools, retail stores, auto showrooms, private residences and more. With lustrous color protected by a tight, beautiful sheen, the patented technology of Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems, paired with our long-established color and craftsmanship, steps out into the forefront delivering the industry’s best concrete floor finish.

While the polish chemically reacts with the concrete to lock in the color, the mechanical application closes the surface to keep out contaminants. Finished surfaces also repel water and oil and are dust-proof. One application, permanent results. Available in finishes from satin to gorgeous gloss, Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems offer exceptional resistance to slipping, abrasion and impact. The non-toxic, non-flammable and odorless application is also environmentally friendly and does not require replacement, recoating or waxing. A low-maintenance floor finish that is durable, purposeful and attractive, what more can you ask for?

There area variety of custom finishes to choose from in the Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems collection. Whether you are looking for the timeless look of terrazzo, brilliant color or long-lasting protection for newly designed or existing surfaces, Bomanite has the perfect floor treatment for you. Renaissance by BomaniteTM is a custom flooring option that provides lustrous finish to floors utilizing our premium Bomanite Integral Color. Color-saturation, the hallmark of our integrally colored floors, is unsurpassed with this one –time finish for any newly designed surface. Belcolore by BomaniteTM is praised for its brilliant color and extra-hard durability, standing up to more traffic then ever before. Chemically closing surfaces pores, this treatment mechanically polishes the floor locking down color beneath an impenetrable shine. Patène Teres by Bomanite TM is another sustainable custom finishing option. Utilizing a unique, topically applied coloration system to create a one-of-a kind floor, Patène Teres offers versatility and permanent results.

If you are looking for restoration products that outshine the competition, Modena by BomaniteTM and VitraFlor by Bomanite TM are the finishing options for you. Bomanite’s family of restoration products make old surfaces better than new. Used on top of high-strength, polymer-modified cement, Modena by BomaniteTM transforms worn surfaces into beautiful floors, while VitraFlor by Bomanite TM can be applied to existing or uncolored concrete creating a beautiful, protective sheen.

LifeTime Floors by BomaniteTM is another finishing option that is produced with pre-engineered, specially blended products using a unique combination of traditional and hi-tech processes. Offering three options for high-performance concrete flooring, Spectrum, Mosaic and Artera, LifeTime Floors by BomaniteTM bring aesthetics and functionality together. Whether you’re dealing with large, high traffic areas where impact resistance, light reflectivity are desired or an existing concrete floor that needs to be decoratively “perked-up” and still low-maintenance, LifeTime Floors by Bomanite TM is the solution.


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