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Design creates ambiance. The right design creates a mood. This concrete floor, installed by Ahal Contracting Company of Bridgeton, MO, creates a lively, fresh environment, producing a friendly atmosphere where patrons can sit and chat or read their selections without falling asleep.

Two colors of Bomanite Micro-Top were used on this 6,500 square foot floor in this Books-A-Million store in St. Louis. A custom color, Books-A-Million Gray, was used in the aisles and as a base in the Joe Muggs Café, then a dark, rich color was checkerboarded in the café area to provide contrast, depth and interest.

Bomanite Micro-Top was the perfect product for this interior floor, having the capability to be placed over virtually any stable substrate at the thickness of a credit card. Three coats of sealer plus four coats of finisher were applied, then the floor was buffed to achieve a high-gloss finish. This method produced a gorgeous, durable surface that will not only withstand an enormous amount of foot traffic, but abuse from the scraping of the chairs in the café area as well.

Ahal Contracting Company did not undertake this specialized project alone. Another Bomanite Licensed Contractor , Jeffco Concrete Contractors, located in Alabama, which had installed the Micro-Top flooring in all the other Books-A-Million stores came to lend expertise and guidance to the project. This ensured consistency among the stores and satisfaction from another Bomanite customer.

It is this cooperation among Licensed Contractors that sets Bomanite apart in the architectural concrete industry. Bomanite has a network of licensed contractors who meet regularly to undergo training, share ideas and learn from one another. When you want the best architectural concrete, ask for Bomanite.

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