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When the homeowners of the award-winning basement project in Bloomington, IN, first thought of redecorating their home, their goals were to create a fun, colorful, durable, kid-friendly space. Enter Bomanite Licensed Contractor Harriman’s Bomanite and Linda Sievers, owner of Colour by Design. The homeowners allowed designer Sievers, a lot of creative freedom. Sievers lent to the project a magnificent creative vision, adding confidence to the meticulous work, tremendous skill, and quality product provided by Harriman’s Bomanite.

The estimated 1,500 square feet involved in the project included four custom design patterns and eight colors. Micro-Top®, a combination of specially formulated colored powders and unique liquid polymer blended together to create an expanded range of colors, was a perfect fit for the unique floor, according to Steve Harriman. Micro-Top provided an expanded color palette ideal for the Harriman’s project, as well as a cost-effective way to make a quality, one-of-a-kind floor using the revolutionary two-part cementitious system that tenaciously bonds to virtually any surface.

With Micro-Top, the possibilities of concrete coloration are limited only by the imagination. Using a paper-thin mixture that’s troweled on, the result is nothing short of a canvas for artistic expression. Obviously Sievers had a similar view when she assessed the homeowner’s basement and proclaimed, “It looks like Frank Lloyd Wright to me!” Just as Wright left behind a legacy of showing his countrymen new ways to build their homes and see the world around them, so too is Bomanite crossing the traditional boundaries of interior design, unleashing the potential that lies right beneath our feet.

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