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RTKL Conference Table

When RTKL, one of the largest architectural firms in the country, decided to relocate their Dallas offices to the downtown area they called upon Bomanite Licensed Contractor , North Texas Bomanite to help them construct three new concrete conference tables. RTKL's Mark Lauterbach designed the conference tables to blend with the new decor of their new building and North Texas Bomanite was there to accommodate.

Bomanite concrete countertops were the answer to RTKL's customized design. The possibilities for creative expression with concrete are endless. Concrete can be made to complement any style of decor. Unlike traditional countertop materials, Bomanite concrete countertops can be colored, polished, stamped and stained.

The conference tables built for RTKL each used a different combination of Bomanite Chemical Stain colors. Each table measures approximately 15 feet long and is oval in shape with square ends. The three conference tables were individually formed and poured in North Texas Bomanite's warehouse and then fitted with 3 - 12" long steel grommets in order to allow access for electronics. Eight legs were fabricated of steel to support the weight of each top, ground smooth and painted black, finishing the project and giving RTKL three conference tables that represented the style of their new office building.

Concrete countertops work well in any setting, from restaurant bars to corporate boardrooms to residential spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Our highly skilled and specially trained Bomanite contractors will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind countertop that performs as a functional, yet personal work of art.

Contact your local Licensed Contractor and complement your next project with Bomanite concrete countertops!

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