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Steve's Harbor House

Bomanite Licensed Contractor Diamond D Company of Capitola, California, won the Best Bomanite Project Under 1,000 Square Feet Silver Award at the 2004 Bomanite International Conference for their work on this home. For the driveway, a traditional pattern was selected. Ashlar Slate was imprinted then stained randomly with chemical stains to achieve a natural stone look.

The balcony on this home was custom designed and hand-drawn to resemble cave drawings that were unearthed when the cave was discovered in 1951. The designs were first laid out on paper, then transferred to the balcony. Bomanite Con Color and several chemical stains were used to replicate the drawings precisely and give the concrete an aged look. After Diamond D was done, no one could tell these weren’t 20,000 year-old drawings!

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