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When it comes to choosing an ice cream topping, the options are limitless. When it comes to choosing a topping for a hardscape, the option is obvious – Bomanite. Today’s clients demand design flexibility, creativity, durability, and quality. Employing these essential values, Bomanite’s accomplished network of Licensed Contractors utilize Bomanite Systems, tools and products to bring life and beauty to any hardscape. No matter what the project entails, Bomanite will bring imagination, creative design and unsurpassed installation excellence to any project.

Here’s the scoop! In the featured Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor project, Bomanite Licensed Contractor Jeffco Concrete Contractors, Inc. out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, utilized Bomanite’s Micro-Top with three custom colors to achieve a vibrant, high quality finish to the 505 square foot interior of this Ben & Jerry’s good-humored parlor. Offering the unique ability to cover a variety of surfaces with a wide range of colors and graphics, Micro-Top also provides a cost-effective method to achieve multiple colors without the high costs associated with elaborate forming and design work. For this Bomanite specification, located in the Patton Creek Shopping Center in Birmingham, AL, Jeffco used blue, gold, and purple custom colors to achieve this playful color formation, weaving the bright shades perfectly together with Ben & Jerry’s signature style.

This quick weekend job only took two men and forty-three hours to complete! The team used two coats of base to begin the project and continued on the first day to trowel the gold over the entire floor, finishing up the day by using Bomaseal I-18. On the second day they masked the gold with blue tape, enabling them to easily place the blue custom color at the entrance and continue the roller coaster design with the custom purple color throughout the entire floor of the shop, preventing damage to the design work from the previous day. The team then chased the sawcuts, caulked, and finally added the perfect “cherry on top” by applying Bomanite Hydrocoat. The team returned to the site on the third day to finish sealing. Ultimately, the Micro-Top floor created a fun and inviting environment, adding greatly to the overall ambiance of the Ben & Jerry’s parlor.

Micro-Top’s cutting-edge technology, through the use of a paper-thin concrete medium, provides a coloration system like no other. Outshining the competition has never been so easy! The vast palette of color and incomparable design capabilities allow for a total hardscape transformation taking existing, damaged concrete or other materials and turning them into unique works of art while maintaining Bomanite’s stellar quality. Micro-Top can take plain, gray concrete and transform those spaces into distinctive and dynamic areas, placing color where color could not normally be placed. It can be installed as interior flooring, spotted as accent areas, continued up a wall, traversed up the side of a building or applied directly to a street section. Remember, as with any flooring system, the durability and life cycle will depend on proper maintenance and up keep. From retail centers to theme parks, restaurants to hotels, commercial offices to residential applications, Micro-Top makes a bold statement of individual style and personality. Realize the possibilities with Bomanite.

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