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Entertainment Space Fit for a King

Some might call this 8,000 square foot log home situated on 50 picturesque acres in Heber, Utah, a castle fit for a King. The owners of this property in a rural town east of Salt Lake City, where weather conditions can range from six feet of snow in winter months to one hundred degree temperatures in the summer, wanted to turn a portion of their land into an area perfect for entertaining in any weather.

Architectural Concrete and Design, the Bomanite Franchise Partner in Draper, Utah was called in to make this vision a reality. After a survey of the area and a meeting with the clients, the owners revealed they wanted a rustic country look for their pool deck, patio and bar areas. The Bomanite Random Slate pattern was the best fit, and therefore chosen for the majority of the hardscape. They settled on a sand color hardener base and added four different release agents to achieve the multidimensional tones and unique feel the owners desired.

Aesthetics weren’t the only things on the minds of the creative team at Architectural Concrete and Design. In order to pull off an attractive and enduring entertainment area that was capable of withstanding such a severe climate, the area needed to be properly prepared. To allow drainage under the slab, the concrete was placed over 6 inches of compacted road base and a 4-inch layer of gravel. This would help prevent the concrete from heaving during freeze-thaw cycles.  To help minimize cracking, diamond saw cuts were placed at regular intervals and caulked to seal the surface. 

To prevent slip fall issues, the Bomanite was sealed with an acrylic sealer that had been modified with a non-slip additive for safety purposes. Also as both a safety and design feature, the pool and hot tub were surrounded with a Bomanite coping cantilever edge, using the Old English Bomanite imprinting tool.  This variation in texture helps to visually separate the edges of the water features from the surrounding surfaces.

The expansive hardscape was designed for use in all seasons. The addition of a cast-in-place concrete bar met the need for an attractive yet durable outdoor dining area for use when the weather is mild. The bar slab, four feet wide and 15 feet long, is large enough to fit a professional hockey team. It was poured 2 inches deep and reinforced with rebar on 10-inch centers for strength and resilience. To create a soft marbling effect, two Bomanite color hardeners in complementary colors were swirled together and applied to the surface. The bar was then sealed with an appropriate Bomanite urethane sealer. A radiant snow melt system leading from the house to the hot tub was placed below the hardscape, allowing the owners clear access to the water, even in freezing temperatures. The centerpiece of the project is the spectacular concrete fire pit, which provides a warm gathering space for conversation. The fire pit was hand carved and textured with trowels and texture skins using Bomanite's color hardener and release agents.

Architectural Concrete and Design completed this project in the specified timeframe of two weeks, so the backyard would be ready just in time for a post season party for some of the owner’s teammates.

Bomanite has half a century of experience installing architectural concrete and paving in every climate. Our highly skilled, local Licensed Contractors use quality materials and sound, proven construction methods to satisfy the needs of even the most discriminating client. Bomanite Licensed Contractors attend regular trainings and have access to product research and development so they bring you the very best and latest techniques for installing decorative concrete. Bomanite Franchise Partners are also provided with specification assistance to ensure your project demands are met with the most appropriate products available.

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