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Concrete can do more than provide a nondescript walkway that leads to a fabulous building. It can become the focal point of the landscape. See how Bomanite Licensed Contractor , Musselman & Hall, located in Missouri used concrete not only to define a space outside, but create an ambiance inside as well.

Musselman & Hall won the Grand Award Worldwide, Silver Award, for their innovative and striking use of Bomanite products at the 2003 Annual Bomanite Project Awards this past February, competing against Bomanite Licensed Contractors from all around the world.

See how Musselman & Hall used color and texture to add punch and contrast to an otherwise bland landscape. Different Bomanite patterns, integral colors and release agents were used to designate areas for foot traffic between the parking and the store, while setting apart a space for relaxation and reflection around the fountain. Concrete diamonds are scattered about the surface of the uncolored concrete, which tie in nicely with the main areas.

On the interior, two contrasting Bomanite chemical stains were used in a lively checkerboard pattern that evokes a playful, yet sophisticated feeling. It was the expertise of the Bomanite Licensed Contractor combined with the quality of the Bomanite chemical stains that made such a cheerful, vivid floor from only two colors.

Contact your local Bomanite Licensed Contractor and find out what a little color combined with concrete and a talented Licensed Contractor can do!

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