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Kroenke Sports Enterprises at the Pepsi Center

Bomanite Licensed Contractor , Colorado Hardscapes, located in Denver, Colorado produced a stunning floor that achieved the look of a "leathery" texture for the offices at The Pepsi Center, winning them the recent silver award for the Best Micro-Top Flooring Project.

Colorado Hardscapes used their expertise and Bomanite products to create 22,000 square feet of the desired office space flooring, while overcoming a few problems. The original floor that had been poured was poorly installed, wavy and dominated by imperfection, the solution was Micro-Top.

The aesthetic objective was to create a floor with a "leathery" appearance. After "leveling" the floor with repair mortars, Sand colored Micro-Top was troweled on the surface and several different colors of Bomanite Con-Color were applied to achieve the desired look. The outcome pleased the aesthetics of the design firm, Burkett Design, and met the specifications of the general contractor, Mortenson.

Micro-Top can be installed as interior flooring, spotted as accent areas, continued up a wall, traversed up the side of a building or applied directly to a street section. From retail centers to theme parks, restaurants to hotels, commercial offices to residential applications, Micro-Top makes a bold statement of individual style and personality.

With Bomanite products and a professional licensed Bomanite contractor you can create any look you desire. Imagine the possibilities with Bomanite's limitless color, texture and pattern combinations. Contact your local Licensed Contractor today!


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