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Bomanite Toppings Systems is a revolutionary approach to designing with architectural concrete. Comprising of Patène Artectura, Micro-Top, Micro-Top XT, Thin-Set, Florspartic, Broadcast Aggregate, Broadcast Flake, Bomanite Toppings Systems is capable of turning any stable substrate into a prize-winning work of art at a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with elaborate forming and design work.

Bomanite Toppings Systems can refurbish old, worn out surfaces and turn them into new and exciting expanses of color, pattern and texture. Bomanite’s Topping Systems can be used on interior or exterior, horizontal or vertical surfaces. New construction, where complex design and color choices require costly multiple forming and pouring phases, benefits from Bomanite Topping Systems’ inexpensive and time saving application methods. With the tight deadlines and budget constraints often faced by architects and designers, Bomanite Toppings Systems are the perfect solution.

Bomanite Toppings Systems can take color to new heights, placing vibrant details on walls and other vertical surfaces where color could not be normally placed, allowing for unlimited design potential. Bomanite Toppings Systems bring your vision to life. Bomanite Topping Systems are installed by a network of highly skilled, specially trained licensed contractors. To find your local certified expert near you,
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