Custom Polishing Systems
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Custom Polishing Systems 

The patented technology of the Bomanite Custom Polishing System, paired with our long-established color and craftsmanship, delivers the industry’s best concrete floor finish. While the polish chemically reacts with the concrete to lock in the color, the mechanical application closes the surface to keep out contaminants. One application, permanent results. Lustrous color, protected by a tight, beautiful sheen.

Available in finishes from satin to gloss, the Bomanite Custom Polishing System offers exceptional resistance to slipping, abrasion and impact. Finished surfaces also repel water and oil and are dust-proof. Superior to limited-life coatings, this finish does not require replacement, recoating or waxing. The non-toxic, non-flammable and odorless application is environmentally friendly. And surface care is user-friendly as routine cleaning will maintain luster.

Superior craftsmanship has always defined the Bomanite brand. The Bomanite Custom Polishing System is available only through the licensed Bomanite network, and exclusively by Bomanite contractors trained and certified to install this finishing system. Click here to locate a licensed, certified expert near you who can recommend and install the perfect, permanent, custom finish from our collection.


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